Zeitlupe or “time magnifying glass”

This word evokes a beautiful image in a very simple way. The first part (Zeit-) means “time”, the second part (-lupe) means “magnifying glass”. If you put the two words together you would say something like “time magnifying glass” or “magnifying glass of time” (Zeitlupe). Could you imagine what this word really means? Take some minutes to think about it before you read the answer…This word is a gorgeous example of a visual onomatopoeia, it is the transformation of a visual phenomenon into words that have a meaning full of aesthetic. This word is a memory of how the language is created by our interaction with reality, and how the language can go beyond the merely descriptive and show not only our original capacity to be astonished but also our poetic perspective. Zeitlupe is the German word for “slow motion”.

El Matallana

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