Our kiss


I know they also told you
about fear
and hate
us being excluded
from their feast
from our fate
from our fading eternity

You learned very well how to hide
and eventually forgot
that longing
for truth
and denied
a lovely place in our smile
where our life is our destiny

Our kiss is the kiss
from that time
when the first two were really surprised
finding darkness, sadness
and light
beyond one’s cage of body or mind
caressing chaos with synergy.

El Matallana

Flowers and love



There were flowers

before I thought about flowers

when I went back to valleys and gardens

all was already long gone


There was love

before I knew about love

when I understood what had happened

I found myself on my own


El Matallana


Public pervert

If time is my vessel, then learning to love

might be my way back to sea

The flying, the metal, the turning above,

these are just ways to be seen…


We all get paid,

yeah some get faith before they die,

then through stars we will navigate

through the holes in your eyes…


How many days will it take to land?

How many ways to reach abandon?

Oh, abandon


Oh, so swoon, baby, starry nights,

may our bodies remain

You move with me, I’ll treat you right, baby,

may our bodies remain


There is love to be made,

so just stay here for this while.

Perhaps heartstrings resuscitate,

the fading sounds of your life…


How many days will it take to land?

How many ways to reach abandon?

Oh, abandon


So swoon baby starry nights,

may our bodies remain

As deep we move, I’ll feed you light, baby,

may our bodies remain

Oh yeah in history, I’ll treat you right, baby,

I’m honest that way, hey!


Swoon baby starry nights,

may our bodies remain…


Interpol (1997) – Public Pervert, Antics (2004)

Reflections – Reflejos



The distance in the night

revels the universe

and the tired city

is a reflection of yellow stars


La distancia en la noche

revela el universo

y la ciudad cansada

es un reflejo de estrellas amarillas


El Matallana


Life with luck – Vida con suerte


It seems that many people see life as the occasion to find love. Life for me is the event where you find out what your own life is (if you get lucky).

Parece que la vida para muchas personas es el acontecimiento donde uno encuentra el amor. Para mí la vida es el evento donde uno encuentra lo que su propia vida es (con suerte).

El Matallana





So you care about something, ah?
I just don’t care
Truth is nothing but a version of power
Our history has been raped
and cautiously re-written
with their dubious central symbols

You are just an eco
a sad reflection
of those ideas never own
so desperate to repeat yourself
so eager to be someone
for someone
who is no one

Your tears don’t move me anymore
Your version of love is full of hate
Beauty for you is now a way
to poorly disguise your ugliness…

I see you from my noisy silence
observing how you observe
so lost in your time of violence
so drowned in your given name

El Matallana