Let me help you with your sadness


If you ever wake up

in an empty room

full of hollow dreams

can I help you with your sadness?

If your lover is gone

but your love wants to stay

rebellious in your broken chest

can I help you with your sadness?

If your view of love

has been shattered by abandonment

and not a soul seems to be loyal

can I help you with your sadness?

Let me help you with your sadness

Let me show you songs to sing our heart out

dances to transform our anger

into ritual and sensuality

let me show you our smile living in the present

our hands reaching out for understanding

Let me help you with your sadness

Let me tell you that you are, you truly are special

You are not alone in this quest for intimacy

You have my hand

You have my kiss

You have all those words they said to you without meaning them forever

Go beyond your disappointment and hug me

We will hug until the end of fear

We will hug until we destroy this sadness

Because my heart has also been pierced

and it is bleeding

and it is hurt

and it feels your sorrow

Let me help you with your sadness

El Matallana

Pupila mortal – Mortal pupil



No es el lugar

soy yo y mis múltiples duelos

mis agazapados, sordos deseos

y el más oscuro anhelo

del abismo más allá de nuestros cuerpos

en la pupila mortal que observa el miedo

o la oscuridad voraz que engulle el tiempo.


It is not the place

it is me and my multiple griefs

my crouching, deaf desires

and the most obscure longing

for the abyss beyond our bodies

in the mortal pupil observing fear

or the voracious darkness swallowing time.


El Matallana

Las manos sueltan en otoño



Las manos sueltan en otoño

y el ahora es una despedida

un duelo, una partida


el tiempo es la medida

de la ausencia y del recuerdo

la distancia entre dos cuerpos

que el verano loco unía

en un solo momento

como sol de sólo un día.


La nostalgia por lo ausente

es lo único con vida


El Matallana


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