De ecos



Por supuesto que no guardo rencor

tengo suerte de haber podido ir más allá

de eso

casi que los veo con ternura

a pesar de la rabia

y la impotencia

porque el pasado poco cambia


Digamos que trato de entenderlos

de descifrar por qué hicieron lo que hicieron

¿Por qué tomaron esas decisiones?

¿Por qué ignoraron lo que ahora parece tan evidente?

No sé qué sentir

Su fracaso me ha hecho lo que soy

y sin su estupidez no hubiera hecho lo que he hecho

sólo tengo eso

la especulación es locura o dramatismo

y lo que no fue

no ha sido simplemente


¿Cuántas vidas tendré que vivir para reparar su daño?

¿Dónde comienza o termina mi pasado?

¿Cuáles son mis responsabilidades?


El presente se confunde entre el sueño y el deseo.

El pasado es una seca fuente de verdades.

Ojalá el futuro no sea remordimiento.


El Matallana

Description XI

“Yes I feel the same way, we connected deeply and that is very meaningful for me in this world so full of superficiality. Looking forward to more experiences together that the future will bring!

Glad to hear you are enjoying Malta, I think you will find that you are just at the beginning of something greater than you had imagined, just continue to be honest, healthy, and put one foot in front of the other and you will surprise yourself later with what you have accomplished.

I liked both poems that you sent, both very honest well spoken and relatable.

Berlin is going along just fine. Same mandala of craziness and peace spinning in my brain. The summer has been beautiful, I’ve really let go of a lot of negative energies and am happy to be seeing some evidence of progress with myself in my goals of becoming a better human being. Releasing an EP of electronic music in late October which will be a load off my mind to be finished with, and hoping to have a very creatively productive fall and winter.

Thank you for the invitation! Let’s see how im feeling come the dark cold months here in Berlin and maybe you might be able to convince me to come for a little while to visit after all ahaha, until then lots of love from Berlin!”

Alex – 29.09.2016