Our kiss



I know they also told you

about fear

and hate

us being excluded

from their feast

from our fate

from our fading eternity


You learned very well how to hide

and eventually forgot

that longing

for truth

and denied

a lovely place in our smile

where our life is our destiny


Our kiss is the kiss

from that time

when first two were really surprised

finding darkness, sadness

and light

beyond one’s cage of body or mind

caressing chaos with synergy


El Matallana



So you care about something, ah?
I just don’t care
Truth is nothing but a version of power
Our history has been raped
and cautiously re-written
with their dubious central symbols

You are just an eco
a sad reflection
of those ideas never own
so desperate to repeat yourself
so eager to be someone
for someone
who is no one

Your tears don’t move me anymore
Your version of love is full of hate
Beauty for you is now a way
to poorly disguise your ugliness…

I see you from my noisy silence
observing how you observe
so lost in your time of violence
so drowned in your given name

El Matallana

Six senses

July 12/04


Too much rumination on the hate for others

has left me without words


To avoid their strident shouting

my will has made me deaf


Blind I could scape

from the diverse faces of their decadence


But I can still feel

a cold swirl

nesting in every pore


Taste in my palate

this eternal thirst

for the inconceivable


Perceive the stench

of this body

that is rotting



El Matallana

Seis sentidos

Julio 12/04


Tanto rumiar el odio por los otros

me ha dejado sin palabra.


Para evitar su estridente vocerío

mi voluntad me ha hecho sordo.


Ciego he podido escapar

a los diversos rostros de su decadencia.


Pero aún puedo sentir

un remolino frío

anidando en cada poro.


Gustar en mi paladar

esta eterna sed

de lo inconcebible.


Percibir el hedor

de este cuerpo

que se pudre.


El Matallana