So you care about something, ah?
I just don’t care
Truth is nothing but a version of power
Our history has been raped
and cautiously re-written
with their dubious central symbols

You are just an eco
a sad reflection
of those ideas never own
so desperate to repeat yourself
so eager to be someone
for someone
who is no one

Your tears don’t move me anymore
Your version of love is full of hate
Beauty for you is now a way
to poorly disguise your ugliness…

I see you from my noisy silence
observing how you observe
so lost in your time of violence
so drowned in your given name

El Matallana

La canción y el tranvía



Había un amor

que dedicaba esa canción

en otro idioma…

Después pasó el tranvía

serpiente ronca sobre rieles

con su ruido oscuro

de repente


Había un amor

que cantaba esa canción

en otro idioma:

“Ich wollte dir nur mal eben sagen,

dass du das Größte für mich bist…”

Después pasó el tranvía

gusano áspero sobre las calles

dejando sólo el silencio

de la muerte


El Matallana

Perhaps not so empty



My heart is empty

perhaps not

inside there is a love now without dramas

placid butterflies

of ordered gardens

flapping their wings

with rationed tenderness


My heart is empty

perhaps not

inside there is a sadness now like a sister

thirsty female mosquitos

from the tropical jungles

sucking in silence

or buzzing this music


El Matallana