Calm and delight



Feel the wind again

and the sun shining from the stone

Wild flowers dance like a pendulum

The space is wide and open

Freedom and life are nothing but few instants


We are far away from what we seem to be

yet closer to ourselves

and together

sharing silence

silent dreams

a smile invisible on our faces

dancing unpretentiously in our hearts

like these daisies

forget me nots

and poppies

swaying in our joyful distraction


puppies move their tails

you twirl your hair round your finger

my nose rests on your temples

and something warm swirls up inside

like dust swirls in the air, light,

perhaps this is the happiness they strive for

or maybe something else, pure, delight,

for us and for now

nameless and ephemeral

lonely and calm


El Matallana

Polvo del recuerdo



Lenguas del cielo lamen el desierto
y la humedad que se respira
cumple la profesía
del olor a tierra despertando

De aquellas almas ya no queda rastro
no hay indicio de sus sueños en la roca herida
violentas espirales de viento
sepultan en polvo los recuerdos de esa vida

El Matallana