María Quotes III: About begging for love

“Perhaps you may beg for a plate of lentils but you should never beg for love”

María used this peculiar sentence to teach me that love is something to offer but not to demand, something to give but not to supplicate, something to share but not to pray for…You could beg for anything but love.

I wish I would have understood it sooner, hahaha, here we go, all in good time.

El Matallana

María Quotes I: About the worst kind of poverty

“There are many kinds of poverty but the worst kind of poverty is when your spirit is poor”

This is one of the things that María (my mother) used to say. As a teenager I used to think that it was rather a statement of resignation. I used to understand that phrase like “because we know that we are materially poor, let us be rich in the things that we can at least”. Now I think many things about that sentence, but regardless the way I could interpret it, I realize that all the insights coming from that quote could be related to many real life stories. From the reflection of her humble experience, María used that phrase to express ideas not so far away from some welfare measure theories or from the situation of the actual world that I know. Nowadays I am sure that a good life is worth a lot and it does not have to be expensive. I am glad that I heard that phrase on time. I am happy to enrich my spirit.

El Matallana