Life is the game

“Life is the game that must be played:
This truth at least, good friend, we know;
So live and laugh, nor be dismayed
As one by one the phantoms go.”

Ballad By The Fire – Edwin Arlington Robinson (1869 – 1935)


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Our kiss



I know they also told you

about fear

and hate

us being excluded

from their feast

from our fate

from our fading eternity


You learned very well how to hide

and eventually forgot

that longing

for truth

and denied

a lovely place in our smile

where our life is our destiny


Our kiss is the kiss

from that time

when first two were really surprised

finding darkness, sadness

and light

beyond one’s cage of body or mind

caressing chaos with synergy


El Matallana

I’ll Slip Away – Sixto Rodriguez

And I’ll forget about the girl that said no
Then I’ll tell who I want where to go
And I’ll forget about your lies and deceit
And your attempts to be so discreet

Maybe today, yeah
I’ll slip away

And you can keep your symbols of success
Then I’ll pursue my own happiness
And you can keep your clocks and routines
Then I’ll go mend all my shattered dreams

Maybe today, yeah
I’ll slip away

‘Cause you’ve been down on me for too long
And for too long I just put you on
Now I’m tired of lying and I’m sick of trying
Cause I’m losing who I really am
And I’m not choosing to be like them

And if you get bored and you got loneliness
Or it’s dislike for me you express
I won’t care if you’re right or you’re wrong
I won’t care cause you see I’ll be gone

Maybe today, yeah
I’ll slip away

Maybe today, yeah
Maybe today, yeah
Maybe today, yeah girl
I’ll slip away

Sixto Rodriguez (1942)- I’ll slip away (1967)

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Mi corazón con honra



Mi corazón

salta y hace ruidos

pero no siempre se escucha,

el amor que siente

sin objeto

es una fuente pura,

cuando se brinda crece

sus gotas locas no agotan

moja el mundo de sentido

dando vida a las cosas


Mi corazón

ya ha sufrido

el olvido y la derrota

pero el amor que siente

es creciente

como la luna y las olas

busca bordes que desborda

ahoga verdades y normas

se alimenta de sí mismo

y fluye a la muerte con honra


El Matallana

Learning to Live

“I need to live life like some people never will

so find me kindness, find me beauty, find me truth


When temptation brings me to my knees

and I lay here drained of strength

show me kindness, show me beauty, show me truth”


Dream Theater – Learning to Live (Images and Words, 1991-1993)